NOTE: Microsoft introduced a NASTY bug after release that is causing errors in sample code. Please read the Teach Yourself Visual Basic 2015 errata page – item #1 in particular – for details on how to work around this.

I’ve been writing technical books since around 1994. The following is a list of most of the books I’ve written. All of these books are on the technical aspects of programming. If you already have one of my books and you’re looking for code samples, click Downloads in the menu above. You can purchase most of these books via, and the links below will take you to Amazon directly. If you’ve read one of my books, I’d appreciate it if you would take a moment to post a review of the book on; every little bit helps!

On deck: I’m currently working on a Visual Basic 2012 book, and I’m working on an outline for a new book on leadership/management. I’ll post more as the projects develop!



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8 thoughts on “Books

  1. Your vb2012 book was very well done, I would love to see you write a programmers reference. There’s a book out now but I like your writing and coding approach better.

  2. Hi James, marvellous book. How did you create the database source placed in C:\TEMP in hour 21 of teach yourself VB 2012 in 24 hours? I installed SQL 2012 but it doesn’t seem to be used.

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